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Civil Warmth

Rocks Like: Alkaline Trio, Bigwig, Dillinger Four

Check Out: “All The Little Battles” single

As a Korean who was adopted and raised in a predominately Caucasian part of New
Jersey, Steve Wozniak—the man behind Civil Warmth—found a psychic refuge in speedy,
melodic punk bands. And he wanted to pay the favor forward. “When I hit my 20s and I
was pressured like every other young American to either settle down into a career or die
poor and alone, I was feeling lost all over again,” he says. “The phrase ‘civil warmth’ is a
concept of an intangible place where all of my internal battles can come to rest; for me,
that place is punk rock.” Wozinak is currently at his home in Brooklyn, New York, writing
and demoing tracks for his proper debut album, A Privileged Kind Of Homeless, to be
recorded later this year. [JP]