Feels Like Home

Rocks Like: Mayday Parade, Angels & Airwaves, Taking Back Sunday

Check Out: Feels Like Home EP

In 2003, guitarist Mike DeMellia was playing bass and wearing a Saves The Day shirt
in a Boston-area All-City Jazz Band when he met vocalist/guitarist Matt DiPietro (clad
in a Blink-182 tee) and drummer Dave Belmont. But Feels Like Home didn’t get serious
about their music until 2008, when they added bassist Andy Talbot and began building a
following for their muscular pop. When DiPietro had to finish school in Austin, Texas, the
band members left Boston and followed their buddy—and for good reason. “Our hopes
and dreams are to eventually get picked up by a label so we can play for a long time,”
says DeMellia. “We aren’t giving up until we accomplish that.” [JP]