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Rocks Like: Fireworks, Man Overboard, A Loss For Words

Check Out: “False Hope” 7-inch

“We wanted something new and fun to do, says Avely lead vocalist and guitarist Jaime Dever. “Also, we wanted to play local shows so we could get into them for free.” Then high-schoolers Dever and fellow guitarist Tim Clark formed a two-piece acoustic band which eventually became Avely, and then morphed into a full band. After playing a laundry list of whatever shows they could get (local venues, birthday parties, basement shows), Avely started to get on bigger gigs. “We’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with such bands as H20, A Loss For words, Transit, The Wonder Years and Outbreak to name a few,” says Dever. “We like to hang out with the people who come out to shows and just shoot the shit. We’re personable and fun dudes, and I hope that sticks with people.”