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Our City Skyline

Rocks Like: As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Trivium

Check Out: 'Bankrupt' EP

When Obscure Beauty fell apart, Our City Skyline rose, hoping to make their mark in the world of heavy music. “We started this band to continue to play music, but to be able to start with a clean slate,” says guitarist Esai Saldana. Because [the old band name] had some mild regional success in Boise, Idaho, and the new band had many of the same members, Our City Skyline received somewhat of a head start, one that gave them the opportunity to play with bands like Misery Signals and Trapped Under Ice. Saldana says the band’s next step is “working with [Misery Signals’ guitarist] Ryan Morgan to demo stuff out and start pushing harder to get us to that next level.”