Gunner's Daughter

Rocks Like: Avail, the Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music

Check Out: 'Dissolutions' EP

Drummer Blake Miller says Gunner’s Daughter have no intention of changing the music world as we know it, but instead are trying to do a public service. “We wanted to give a younger generation the chance to become familiar with the bands we are immediately influenced by, like Hot Water Music. We are simply tipping our hats to the forefathers that paved the road before us.” Gunner’s Daughter officially came together in 2007, but weren’t very active until 2009, because they were still writing and finding their sound. Since recording their first EP, New Skeletons, in 2009, the band’s ratcheted up their live performances, touring whenever their busy schedules allow. Gunner’s Daughter plan to begin recording for their next album early this year.