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Who said the French don’t like Americans? Vocalist Olivier Raynaud of pop-punk trio West Coast Daily says he came together with his best friend and roommate bassist Goulven “Goulax” Saillou in 2008 and wrote their first pop-punk song. “We were like, ‘OMG, can we be a band, like, a real band, like, a real American band?” says Raynaud. ”Since that day, we are proud to be ‘American.’” Raynaud says although West Coast Daily may have come together in hope of getting rich (which he admits they’re currently failing at), making it to California is their true dream. He describes WCD’s favorite American imagery they’ve worked to convey in the latest EP as “Three Frenchies froogies punkers chillin’ in beautiful Los Angeles. The atmosphere of a campus. A punk-rock show in Dad's lounge. A road-trip movie. A very gorgeous cheerleading team. A football match...” The band are currently working to raise money to record a new album.