Stuck Dickens

Rocks Like: NOFX, Mixtapes, Pennywise

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In 2009, vocalist/guitarist Tim Tintari was looking to record some tracks he had amassed. What was supposed to be a casual studio project instead became Stuck Dickens. The Hollywood, California, group embody the punk ethos and sound of bands such as NOFX and Pennywise; to say they are determined to make it is an understatement. ‚ÄúThe future is promising and always in sight,‚ÄĚ says bassist Jazz Limbo. ‚Äú[We] will prove to have the longevity, determination and the passion to bring punk rock‚ÄĒreal punk rock‚ÄĒback on the airwaves and to the masses.‚ÄĚ