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Check Out: 'Visuals' EP

Adversary formed at the beginning of 2012, slowly picking up members and developing their sound. But it wasn’t until mid-summer when it all came together and they started writing their latest EP, Visuals. Although they may have found their sound, bassist Greg Page says they’re still having trouble figuring out how to describe it. “I would have to say somewhere along the lines of post-hardcore... but I say that very loosely. There are a lot of different genres we could slip under the category of [emotional hardcore/alternative], but I hope when our listeners hear us, we sound like the product of five kids who are very passionate about what they're doing.” Although the band members are still in school (both high school and college), Adversary want to continue playing shows and touring as much as possible. “None of us want to give this band up,” says Page. “So we are trying our hardest and putting our hearts in this to make it the best we can.”