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Check Out: 'Monuments' EP

Balto started to blossom in 2010 when vocalist Daniel Sheron, resurfacing from a rough patch in his personal life, left where he was living and working in Moscow and traveled east on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. When he returned, he enlisted friends from college (the same ones he used to stand outside of the campus library with, singing and playing acoustic instruments as loudly possible to disrupt the people studying inside) to head into the studio with him and record the songs from his time spent traveling. “The songs that came out of that journey became our first album, October’s Road,” says Sheron. “I felt that the music was so personal that it needed the touch of my close friends—people who knew me well and knew the story behind the songs themselves.” After receiving a great deal of positive responses for October’s Road, Balto just released a new EP, Monuments, where Sheron feels the band have really “taken it up a notch on all fronts.”