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Lance Donati, guitarist in Maryland straight-edge hardcore band Distances, says when the band came together last year, the mindset was along the lines of, "‘hey, let’s join our fancy brains together, along with our straight-edge beliefs, and start a hardcore band’" But Donati says it’s not all about being ’edge all the time. “We're happy with who we are and don't feel the need to oppress anyone else with our beliefs or tell anyone what to do. We would rather have people feel like they belong around us than feel alienated around us for any reason at all.” Distances stress how hard they’re willing to work and what they’re willing to give up for the band. A few members have actually lost jobs because they’ve had to reschedule shifts for shows. “Our jobs are simply that, [but] music is what we want as a career,” says Donati. “We want to tour, play shows and make music. We treat it as a religion or something. We're crazy about this.”