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Rocks Like: Sunny Day Real Estate, the Promise Ring, Braid

Check Out: 'The One Day Demos Vol.2'

To guitarist Jake Krauss, Merit weren’t just another band started to jam and kill some time. Merit had a purpose. “[The band] was formed to write as many songs as possible and play as many shows as possible and to get back to what we loved about music in the first place,” says Krauss. Although Merit are a young band (forming in April 2012), Krauss and the other members have been playing for years and have been able to use their “collective little black book of connections” to help give them a jump start. Merit refer to themselves as “emo” with no reservation, despite the fact that they believe mainstream media changed the meaning of the word to something far from the inspiring emo bands they grew up on like Braid and Sunny Day Real Estate. “We wear the name ‘emo’ like a badge of honor, in hopes that someday, that word will mean something special to a new crowd of kids the way it did for us,” says Kraus.