The Stand Out State

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Check Out: 'The Stand Out State' EP

One year down and hopefully, many more to go,” says the Stand Out State’s guitarist, Jared Kaser. Since August 2011, the Stand Out State have recorded their first EP, released their first video and played many shows, but Kaser says the band still have some learning to do. “We always keep our eyes open to how others are doing things and approach every new experience with respect,” he says. “We try to meet every person who comes to our shows. So in a way, we make ‘friends,’ not ‘fans.’” The Stand Out State are currently in the process of planning a West Coast tour, in an effort to ply their mix of driving guitars, distinct riffs and poppy vocals for new audiences. “We take what we do very seriously with hopes to make this band our career,” says Kaser. “Even if we have to tour a lifetime just to pay the rent.”