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Five Characters In Search Of An Exit

Rocks Like: Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, The Chariot

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In 2006, Five Characters In Search Of An Exit’s members’ bonded over dissatisfaction playing in pop bands at a local San Francisco boys and girls club. “Few of us would sneak away during our sets to cover heavier songs from bands like From First To Last and Underoath,” says vocalist Robby Bancroft. The members realized they could write their own music and began honing their style. “We play fast and heavy, but also like to switch up the timing every once in a while,” says Bancroft. “We try not to play the same, mundane two-steps and breakdowns in every song.” Five Characters gained support from Of Mice & Men, whose frontman Austin Carlile invited Bancroft to do guest vocals when they played in San Francisco, “which needless to say, was a great experience for me.”