Emarosa frontman Bradley Walden say he hated his first album with the band, Versus.

When APTV correspondent Nick Major caught up with Walden at their sold-out Los Angeles show recently, the two discussed the band's latest album, 131, Walden’s transition into being their frontman (and why he originally said no) and why he hated Versus

Walden shares that with his first album as vocalist, he was trying to give fans what they had come to expect. “I wasn’t really being myself,” he says. “It was an anxious record, and there was a lot hanging over all of our heads. I hated it. I didn’t like recording that record at all.”

Part of that had to do with the band’s past. “Everybody knows the history of Emarosa, for the most part. At least in this world,” he says. “It’s not very fun to overcome all of that, but where we are now is so far beyond that past."

“The band is evolving, the band is growing, we’re growing as people. You can’t keep making 2007 over and over, that’ not what any real musician wants to do,” he continues. “Look at the Maine or Taking Back Sunday or Paramore or Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco—they put out amazing albums. Those early records, there’s very much still roots of them in their new releases, but they’ve progressed and they’ve grown.”

He continues to share that he now that feels established as the band’s frontman, and with 131 there is a totally new vibe. “The energy of the band is so different, and I think with 131 it reflected that,” Walden says. “Just a much more positive and polished outlook.”

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