Note To Self: All Time Low tell us who they were in high school

February 11 2016, 3:00 PM EST

Editorial Intern

Could you imagine what All Time Low were like in high school?

“Hi, I’m Alex. I’m 17 years old, and I’m a chronic masturbator.”

In this video, the guys discuss their teenage years and advice they would give their younger selves. 

Rian confesses that he only saw the band as a hobby and would get super irritated when his bandmates would stay over past band practice and eat all his food. 
His Advice: "We're 27 now, and I can't tell you a real problem I had in high school that wasn't fixable," he said. 

Alex stated that he was fairly insecure and made up for it by being a class clown.  He later admitted that wasn’t really a “chronic” masterbator, but maybe above average. 

His advice: "[Don't] be so concerned with what people think; have a little more confidence in his everyday life."

Alex was completely over school at this point and believed the band would make it big. “I definitely did think the band had a shot. I didn’t know how we were going to get there, but I sort of thought that we had something that was worth chasing.”

Jack Barakat was quite the troublemaker in high school. “I was kind of the kid that always liked attention—I would act out in class, I would wear ridiculous things,” he said.

Zack Merrick was quiet, avid skateboarder and athlete. He felt in high school he was "always searching for something."

"You don't have to look for the answer; the answer will fall into place for you," Merrick said. "The answer might be in front of you, and you might not even know it."



Video/Editing: Bobby Makar
Segment Producer/Director: Cassie Whitt


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