The Word Alive talk about growing as a band in our Warped Tour exclusive interview

July 22 2016, 12:30 PM EDT

Editorial Intern

APTV correspondent Nick Major sat down with The Word Alive's Telle Smith and Luke Holland to talk more about their history as individual artists and how they've grown as a band since 2008.

"I had to learn how to scream to join the band," says Telle on getting his start in The Word Alive. "I had kind of faked my way through something that sounded like screaming in my tryout, but I sang well enough that they were like 'Yeah, we're going to demo this song we all just wrote together.'"

 They also talk more about Telle's musical background and how both he and Luke got their start in the band.

Check out the video to get the full story, and be sure to subscribe to APTV for more videos like this!

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