Trailer Premiere: The Maine, “Love And Drugs” (plus behind-the-scenes photos)

The Maine are set to release a music video for video "Love & Drugs" from their new album Forever Halloween, on September 13. And we know we can't just drop such news on you without letting you in on more of the action, so today we're bringing you the video's trailer as well as some behind-the-scenes shots from the set.

Vocalist John O'Callaghan told us a bit more about the video, how being independent artists allowed them to explore their creativity further and how he got to fulfill a childhood wish through while filming.

"Independent artists have the liberty and privilege of truly exploring their imaginative potential. Our story was heard through song, Daniel [Gomes, director] told his own through this video. We believe this is a collaborative artistic expression in harmonious motion. Plus, we got to ride BMX bikes, a luxury I was denied of as a young boy (thanks mom & dad)."

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos:

The Maine, Behind the scenes of

The Maine, Behind the scenes of