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Video Premiere: The Computers, “Love Triangles, Hate Squares”

The Computers are set to release their upcoming album Love Triangles, Hate Squares on April 29 (UK) and April 30 (US). AltPress has the exclusive first look at their video for the title track. Vocalist/guitarist Alex Kershaw told us a little bit about the video's concept:

"I came up with the 'Love Triangles' video in a hotel room somewhere in Holland. I was with Aidan Sinn and I pretty much just spat out the whole idea.

What if Lennon never met McCartney. What if Johnny Cash had never walked into Sun Studios, Buddy Holly didn't get on that plane?
For better or for worse, the smallest decisions can affect our lives in the most profound ways.

'Love Triangles' is about being bored. It's about missed opportunities and it's about your life being stuck on repeat. So in my head, my video idea and song go together great.
Al xxx"

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