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Amanda Ferrante Batista

Amanda Ferrante Batista

Some twenty-something girls like handbags and shoes. Amanda likes concert tickets. A New Jersey native now living in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx, Amanda knew she’d be a music writer when she first read Marilyn Manson’s autobiography at the tender age of 11.

While she’s been covering metal and alternative music for the last few years, Amanda will forever regret not being born in time to see Bobby Darin at the Copa in 1960. She may have missed that show, but she did meet her husband in a Metallica mosh pit in 2003. They plan on raising their future kids on metal music and milk.

If Amanda’s not found at a New York City concert venue with devil horns up on any given night, she’s plotting content marketing strategies for one of the world’s largest computer technology companies.

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