Brittany Moseley

Brittany Moseley

Brittany prefers Fitzgerald to Hemmingway, albums to singles, Guinness to Cosmos and The New York Times to just about anything. She alway pictured herself living and working in New York City (like any young, naive journalist does), but after 24 years in Ohio, she's accepted the fact that she's a Midwest girl at heart.

She knew she wanted to be a music writer when she saw Almost Famous at age 15. (She doesn't usually recommend choosing your career based on your favorite movie, but it worked out for her.)

Her iTunes library starts with The Academy Is... and ends with 1997, but her favorites include Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles, Texas Is The Reason, Against Me!, Frank Turner and anything Max Bemis does. She's currently working on increasing her record collection so she will have more office cred.

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