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Angie Piccirillo

Angie Piccirillo

As the niece of a live news director, the daughter of a line of seamstresses and daughter of songwriter/producer Mike Piccirillo, the Los Angeles native knew she’d most likely land somewhere in the world of entertainment. Angie’s father, Mike Piccirillo, is largely responsible for Angie’s obsession with music. Her father having written and produced songs for artists like Smokey Robinson, Robert John, Kim Carnes, '80s pop icon Tiffany, and more, Angie learned everything she knows about music from sitting in his studio. After a four-year stint as one of the only females and the only executive under 30 at a movie trailer house, Angie started using her “movie trailer” skills for musician friends who were having trouble breaking through because of the shift in streaming platforms. Deciding to take the problem upon herself, Angie became a music journalist in order to introduce what she felt was good music to the world. She is now a regular music contributor to digital magazines such as Galore, The Plaid Zebra, The Huffington Post, Paste, Ladygunn, Inked, Nylon, AP and more.

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