Position: Former AP Web Editor, current AP freelancer

HQ: Cleveland, OH

Funny how far you can go relying only on devastating good looks, a love of angular post-hardcore and the ability to turn anything into a self-referential commentary with the use of parentheses (it’s as easy as that).

 During the past decade, I’ve gone from assistant managing a chain record store (now a Mexican restaurant) in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh to writing obituaries for my hometown newspaper to overseeing entertainment coverage for a free weekly in Upstate New York to being Associate Editor of AP to running Altpress.com.

 In four years with Alternative Press, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and/or interview most of my heroes (J. Robbins, Chris Cornell, “Dwight” from The Office), tour through nearly every corner of the country, walk one red carpet in Hollywood, pen three cover stories (AP 242: Anthony Green, AP 260: 30 Seconds To Mars, AP 263: Circa Survive) and somehow manage to slightly offend at least one Beastie Boy (that I know of).



  1. Brand New – The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
  2. Radiohead – Kid A
  3. Thrice – Vheissu
  4. Jawbox – For Your Own Special Sweetheart
  5. Deftones – White Pony

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