10 Bands Who Will Influence The Inevitable Pop-Screamo Revival Of 2017

January 24 2014, 4:25 PM EST By Matt Crane


These New Jersey natives exploded onto the scene with songs like “Understanding In A Car Crash” and “Cross Out The Eyes,” inspiring a wave of imitators almost immediately. The band were one of the first in the genre to garner major-label attention, releasing their debut for Island Records, War All The Time, in 2003. Their later albums moved away from the “pop-screamo” tag but Full Collapse is still a genre high-water mark.

From First To Last

Before Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore) was the Grammy-winning EDM deity he is today, he was starting annoying hair trends as the frontman of pop-screamo archetypes From First To Last. Moore, with a larger-than-life stage presence, Moore helped define what it is to be a frontman in this genre during his tenure with FFTL. The band’s two records released prior to Moore’s departure will always be scene staples.


When singer Anthony Green left, all bets were off for Orange County’s exotic post-hardcore champions. But with replacement Cove Reber, the band still managed to release a self-titled debut album that felt equally as important as their fan-favorite EP, Translating The Name.


This California group started out making skate punk, but would go on to become genre pioneers of the pop-screamo genre with their 2002 release, The Illusion Of Safety. 2003’s The Artist In The Ambulance would be an equally as powerful follow-up. Like Thursday, they too moved away from pop-screamo pretty quickly—but don’t tell that to the bros still yelling, “DEADBOOOLT!”


These post-hardcore legends shook the world with their hit single, “What It Is To Burn,” which has been effectively burned into the sonic conscience of our music scene forever. They’ve split up a couple times, but, these days, the band are back and teasing us with plenty of nostalgiaALT