11 Bands Named After Songs

February 28, 2014 by Nick Major

11 Bands Named After Songs

Funeral For A Friend
From: “Funeral For A Friend” by Planes Mistaken For Stars

This Welsh post-hardcore band made quite a name for themselves with their 2003 debut Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation, and their memorable name comes from the Planes Mistaken For Stars song of the same name, a band whom vocalist Matthew Davies was a fan of.

Rage Against The Machine
From: “Rage Against The Machine” by Inside Out

Before Rage Against The Machine, frontman Zack de la Rocha fronted the Orange County hardcore punk band Inside Out. The band had a song called “Rage Against The Machine” which would later serve as the name of his political rap-metal band created after Inside Out’s 1991 demise.

In Fear And Faith
From: In Fear And Faith” by Circa Survive

Contrary to the belief by some that the band’s name has a religious context (though several members are Christian), the name is from the Circa Survive song of the same name from their 2005 album Juturna.

From:“Radio Head” by Talking Heads

The band originally played under the name On a Friday, but later changed it. Radiohead are now a household name.

Pretty Girls Make Graves
From: “Pretty Girls Make Graves” by The Smiths

As seen in our 21 Bands We Love Who Love the Smiths (And Morrissey), the seminal English rock band are responsible for influencing a ton of artists, including Seattle post-punk band Pretty Girls Make Graves who got their name from the Smiths 1984 song of the same name.


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