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11 musicians whose closets we are dying to raid

January 10 2014, 3:56 PM EST By Brittany Moseley

6. Tyler Joseph – twenty one pilots
Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots | Ryan Bakerink for Alternative Press
Seeing as Joseph and I already share a love for silky kimono tops, I’d love to raid his closet and see what other fashionable duds we have in common.

5. Davey Havok – AFI

I’ve still got a soft spot for Davey Havok ca. 2003, but the cleaned-up bad boy look he’s been working since Crash Love is pretty great. Just like AFI’s music, Havok’s style is always changing, and I can’t wait to see what he rocks next.

4. Chris Motionless – Motionless In White

Even if his style isn’t for you, you’ve got to admit: Chris Motionless has created a strong look that works for him. Plus, you have to admire the guy’s attention to detail. I still want him to give me an eye makeup tutorial.

3. Ash Costello – New Years Day

I don’t know if goth-glam-cute is a thing, but it should be because it sums up Costello’s style perfectly. Even when she’s clutching a bleeding human heart, all I can think is, “I wonder where she got that necklace.”

2. Sherri DuPree-Bemis – Eisley

DuPree-Bemis is one of those no-longer-so-elusive manic pixie dream girls: Everything she touches turns into quirky adorableness. Who else can pull off faded neon green hair, a doughnut sweater and oversized sunglasses? Or electric blue hair, over-the-knee socks, beat-up Chuck Taylors and an adorable doll-like dress? I could go on, but by now you’ve probably stopped reading and pulled up DuPree-Bemis’ Instagram to see if the outfits I speak of are true. Oh, they are—and they’re even cuter than words can describe.

1. Hayley Williams – Paramore

Photo caption: Getting a fashion "don't" credit is like winning grand supreme, to me. thank you for acknowledging my indifference to all your expectations of me
Who else could top our list of musicians whose closets we want to raid? There isn’t a fashion trend (or shade of orange hair color) that Williams hasn’t tried, and while not all her outfits are winners, you’ve got to admire her willingness to wear anything once.