13 Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs

February 12, 2014 by AltPress

13 Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs

Annoying, sparkly and pink as Valentine’s Day may be, it’s also annoying to hear people incessantly whining about it. Don’t be that person. Turn up your headphones instead. The AP editorial team has crafted a sad and angry playlist just for you loveable Cupid-slayers!
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FALL OUT BOY – "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today"

If you happen to be going through a breakup, I insist you create a Fall Out Boy playlist, and go heavy on the songs from 2003's Take This To Your Grave. From pegging a liar to catching fire, "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today” is a pop-punk revenge ballad at it's finest. After all, "breaking hearts has never looked so cool."—Michele Bird


Benjamin Gibbard is known for crafting heart-twisting love songs as the frontman of Death Cab For Cutie, but on this track from his debut solo album, he sounds a bit salty. Underneath the quick-tempoed, upbeat guitar is a scathing review of a past lover who likes to "call a truce and then start a fight" and is known to "smother then disengage." Yet even as Gibbard puts all her flaws out there–quite literally–he can't seem to stay away. His reluctance to leave is only fueled by her back-and-forth emotions. It's probably best to get out while you can, Ben. You'll never win this one.—Brittany Moseley

THE HONORARY TITLE - “Everything I Once Had”

In the second verse of this song, vocalist Jarrod Gorbel croaks the story of how he was dumped (by someone who, judging by these lyrics, was a pretty skuzzy human) on Valentine’s Day when he attempted to “avoid the red cliché.” He then proceeds to spiral into depression, culminating in what remain some of the most despairing wails I’ve ever heard in a song (check the 2:40 mark). This song provides all the proof you’ll ever need that allowing yourself to love someone is awful and you probably shouldn’t do it.—Cassie Whitt


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