In “Driver”—the opening track from Perfect Pussy’s upcoming album, Say Yes To Love—the band’s twisted instrumental fury all but buries the near-inaudible roars of singer Meredith Graves—but she’s no less commanding, demanding or vocally stubborn. It’s an earth-scorching strike of punk that’s as dazzling as it is dizzying. [MC]

SKATERS - "Miss Teen Massachusetts"

Skaters’ single, “Miss Teen Massachusetts,” off their upcoming debut album, Manhattan, is taking the post-punk world by storm. A collage of indie-rock layering and punk undertones, the track is a dark twist on the NYC art-rock scene. With cold, detached vocals, an exceptionally catchy chorus and lead guitar that both drones and wails, the song has caught the attention of music fanatics across the country. I knew I was hooked when I realized I had inadvertently listened to the song on repeat for so long I had memorized every word. [MS]

TAKING BACK SUNDAY - “Flicker, Fade”

With its lyrics reflecting cyclical behaviors and their consequences (“Flicker, flicker fade/Destroy what you create/And wonder why it always ends the same”), this song may bring to mind the famous Albert Einstein quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It’s a steadily swinging waltz that will have both lighters and fists raised when the band reintroduce it in their set on their spring coheadliner with the Used. Yes, reintroduce–you’ve heard this song before and may also find you’ll recognize “Beat Up Car” from Happiness Is as the songs TBS played on their fall 2013 tour. [CW]

WE ARE THE IN CROWD - “Long Live The Kids”

If you’re looking for a track to give you a boost of strength, We Are The In Crowd’s “Long Live The Kids” is for you. The third single from the band’s upcoming album, Weird Kids, keeps the childhood theme alive. “Long Live The Kids” has a mellow start but slowly builds up to an anthem-like chorus suitable for those who need a reminder to never forget the inner child. After all, who says growing up means completely leaving your childhood hopes and dreams behind? WATIC prove that you don’t have to. [MB] ALT

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