16 Scene Fads We Regret Partaking In

February 19 2014, 1:23 PM EST By Cassie Whitt

Welcome to Warped Tour 2006. The sun is hot and all the items you’ve decorated yourself with only make it hotter. Donned we then our regrettable apparel, and we’re here now to reflect, facepalm and highlight the fleeting aesthetic of the time with a nostalgic closet-cleaning.

Did you partake in any of these trends? Which others should we have put on this list?

Arm Warmers | Scene FadsARM SOCKS
Not only did they serve no real function, they were often itchy and ended at an awkward place on your arm, like your elbow pit. Yet we wore them. To Warped Tour. In100-degree heat.

Kiki Kannibal | Scene FadsCOONTAILS
Coontails are but one part of a hair trifecta we will cover in the following points. These were segments of your hair that were dyed in a horizontal striped pattern so they literally looked like a raccoon tail. You could switch up the animal you imitated, as well. Leopard hair was also a thing in the more punk-rock circles.

If you didn’t want to brave dyeing your hair, there was an option for you. Clip-in extensions: very thin, often elaborately colored strips of fake hair to create the illusion of length–and your expertise as a hair stylist.

Millionaires | Scene Fads

With those aforementioned extensions, you might have had a shorter style for your natural hair, which you would abuse by teasing daily to make it appear your head was seven times its normal size. Add that to the dangling, stringy extensions at the bottom and ee-gawds.

Jamison Covington | Scene Fads

If you weren’t in Avenged Sevenfold or something, you really had no business sporting this look, which has now been co-opted and given the honey-highlight treatment by basically everyone’s mom at some point.

Hair Barrettes | Scene Fads

Multicolored and shaped,these hair accessories were worn in mass quantities anywhere you could stick them.

Myspace circa 2004-2006 was a nightmare playground for colorful, morbid scene youth. Your Myspace URL spoke volumes to your scene cred, and if there were fewer than 2 “X”s in it, you were nobody. We’re looking at you, XxXxRazorBladeLiesxXxX. You know what’s up.