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2013 Readers Poll: Best Web Article

December 23 2013, 5:36 PM EST By Cassie Whitt

As the web content manager here at AP, I work with a team of awesome writers to keep AltPress.com as rad as it can possibly be with original writing and interviews. I'm glad you liked these articles, and I WON!!!!

3. Punk’s Not Dead. Really: 5 reasons why punk is still very much alive

"Because Punk. Isn't. Dead."
--Emma Gothic, omgemmashutup | Athen, GA

2. “I’m not going to let someone sit on my career and ruin our album”- Jeremy McKinnon on ADTR’s return

"The ADTR camp was pretty quiet the first half of this year, it was really interesting to get a look inside Jeremy's Brain."
--Andrew LaGambina, @Earth2Aj | Halifax, MA

1. The 9 Phases Of Post-Concert Depression

"This article actually is very, very true. After going to concerts, there is always the feeling of wanting to go back, and you always tell yourself "that was the best night in my life" until your next concert comes around. I've noticed how some of my friends after going to concerts get really depressed, and this article just follows up in everything my friends have done after going to a concert."
--Amy Schlossberg | Yulee, FL

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