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2013 Readers Poll: Guitarist Of The Year

December 27 2013, 1:31 PM EST By Cassie Whitt

3. Jacky Vincent (Falling In Reverse)

"Jacky is by far the most talented guitar player in the music scene today. His guitar solo's are absolutely insane and he really makes a lot of other guitar players look like they can't play their instrument."
--Brett Wilson, @brettwilson_IDD | Peterborough, Ontario, CA

2. Tony Perry (Pierce The Veil)

"I've seen Pierce the Veil twice this year and I can't stop watching Tony! He always kills it on guitar. He's the reason why I want to learn the guitar."
--Danielle C, @BarakatBoners | San Diego, CA


1. Jake Pitts (Black Veil Brides)

"He is pretty awesome, him and Jinxx both. He deserves it because his solos are amazing and sometime I just skip through the songs to listen to the amazing guitar parts and Im just like 'Dang. Why can't I do that.'"
--Morgan Haynes, @Morgan_Grace_H_ | Moundsville, WV