2013 Readers Poll: The Best In Style

December 24, 2013 by Cassie Whitt

2013 Readers Poll: The Best In Style

This year, AP's Style coverage got bigger and better with fashion spreads with Crown The Empire, Warped Tour street style galleries and a complete redesign of the format of our style section in the magazine. We asked you which artists have the best style and what you were wearing this year.


3. Tilly's

“Flannel, skulls, skinny jeans, rad T's and tanks, sick backpacks, and killer in-store signings made this my store of the year.”
--Rachel Siteman, @rrsiteman | Saint Paul, MN

2. Zumiez

“Zumiez has such a various array of stuff. Anyone could shop there and find something they love.”

--Kam Darko, @kamisonfire | Boston, MA


1. Hot Topic

“Cant get out of there without spending eighty bucks. Have the best band merch!”
--Traci Snoddy, @pastprimepunk | Tonkawa, OK
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