2013 Readers Poll: The Best In Style

December 24, 2013 by Cassie Whitt

2013 Readers Poll: The Best In Style


3. Glamour Kills

“Been wearing them for years and I'll only stop when pigs fly.”
--Sarah McCoy, jeansandateeshirt.tumblr.com | Mesa, AZ

2. Love Before Glory

“Tony Perry and Jaxin Hall are just masterminds at this clothing line thing. Whenever I receive a paycheck, my first thought is to usually buy something from Love Before Glory. It also really helps that Jaxin Hall has a storefront in Santa Ana, California that he sometimes opens up for his diehard customers to save on shipping, taxes, shipping times, etc., which I really appreciate. He provides great customer service.”
--Adam Johnston, @thewickedadam | Lakewood, CA


1. Drop Dead

“They always put out good quality, good looking & reasonably priced clothes.”
--Joar Anfinset, insidiox.tumblr.com | Vastra Gotalands, Sweden
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