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2014 Readers Poll: Best AltPress Article

December 29 2014, 11:38 AM EST By AltPress

Thanks to new writing talent at AP, a year filled with tons of topics to explore and your enthusiastic readership, AltPress.com had its biggest year in history with some of our most read and talked-about stories ever. Here are the three you you liked the most. 


Ryan Bakerink - Circa Survive35 thoughts anyone who has ever been front row at a show has had  by Cassie Whitt
“This article was SO relatable. Having been front row at a number of shows, I can tell you that those were exactly the thoughts I was thinking. This article was also really funny. It made me laugh while nodding my head in agreement the entire time I was reading it.” —Suzanne Hom - Malverne, NY


Bring Me The HorizonThe 15 best screamers in modern metalcore by Matt Crane
YOU SAY: “Screaming is a very particular and hard concept to grasp. The worst part is that in most cases if you don't sound good, you can improve, but you probably still won't sound good, you will always sounds like you. And that's the beauty. Screams can cut straight through your body and penetrate your heart, or they can make you lose your mind and fill you with adrenaline. As overlooked as they are, screaming is very beautiful.” —Chase Rhodes - Greenview, IL

5 Seconds Of SummerWhy 5 Seconds Of Summer are more important to pop-punk than you think by Matt Crane
YOU SAY: “I liked that someone finally pointed out the obvious that 5 Seconds Of Summer deserves some credit. I think a lot of people in this kind of scene of music just put them in a category as being the next One Direction and we all know that the majority of all of those people say about them but in all reality, they are nothing like One Direction in terms of their sound. They worked with Alex Gaskarth on their newest album. They grew up loving Green Day and all those other bands that we know and love. They aren't that far off from any normal teenager that really likes the bands on the front of AP. To me, they remind me, in terms of their sound, of a mix of All Time Low, Green Day, and The Summer Set. They're 4 teenagers who have worked extremely hard to be where they are and they are extremely grateful to all their fans and the people who have helped them achieve so much.” —Megan Bean - St. Paul, MN

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