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A Rocket To The Moon open up about “The Rainy Day Sessions” EP

October 01 2010, 11:44 AM EDT By Tim Karan

Last week, we revealed details about A ROCKET TO THE MOON’s upcoming EP, The Rainy Day Sessions. A collaboration with bluegrass group LARKIN POE, it features five songs recorded on (you guessed it) a rainy day in Georgia. ARTTM members NICK SANTINO (vocals/guitar), JUSTIN RICHARDS (guitar), ERIC HALVORSEN (bass) and ANDREW COOK (drums) filled us in on the story behind the EP.

Why did you decide to create The Rainy Day Sessions?
SANTINO: It’s pretty simple: we all love making music in any way, shape or form. So when the opportunity was given to us to sit in a room with a tin roof on a rainy Georgia day and record a few songs live with two of the most talented bluegrass girls I've ever heard, we couldn't pass it up. We all love every form of country music. I think this EP really shows our love for the music and music in general.

What does the EP mean to you?
RICHARDS:We are huge country music fans. I grew up on country and bluegrass, so I immediately fell in love with this idea. We are musicians who appreciate great musicianship, and these girls definitely know what they’re doing. This means a lot to me because I feel we can be free to bounce back and forth between all the styles of music we love. All the instruments and vibes we have always wanted to have in our songs—but have never mastered—are finally in them. We brought in the masters.

What was the recording process like?
COOK:The recording process for these songs was unlike anything I'd ever done. For starters, we were working with a new producer in Dan Hannon. When you record with someone new, you never know what you're gonna get. With Dan, it was a truly pleasant surprise. He's talented, humble and downright cool. What I particularly enjoyed about working with him was that he was out to capture a moment, not just record tracks and layers to be edited later. We sat in a room as a group and recorded live, and did take after take until it felt just right. It was a challenge, but it was rewarding in the end.

What was it like working with Larkin Poe?
HALVORSEN:It was a very new and exciting experience for all of us. I’ve never really played with any bluegrass musicians before, so it introduced me to a whole new style of playing music which is always fun. Rebecca and Megan [Lovell] were so incredibly talented and so humble, too. They shred, but they would never admit to it. I would really enjoy working with them again in the future.
COOK:They’re talented, smart, inspired and experienced musicians. Oh, and they're beautiful, too! They came in, learned the songs and played them like they wrote them. It was an honor to work with them. alt