Alec Prorock releases chill single “Say What You Say” off upcoming album (exclusive)

February 05 2016, 4:27 PM EST By Anne Nickoloff

Since he exited progressive indie band Polyenso, Alec Prorock has been hard at work on solo work. Today, Prorock joined AP to release his song, “Say What You Say,” off of his upcoming solo album.

Prorock’s full album will be released on Valentine’s Day, but if it’s anything like “Say What You Say,” it’ll include a varied instrumentation and lots of chill vibes.

In the single, Prorock’s delicate drum taps bend into flowing trumpet playing, then lightly-sung lyrics like “won’t you mean what you say, or at least say what you feel” weave into the groove.

"When I wrote this song I wanted to express that's it's okay to grow. In the process of growing you're going to shed negative phases of your life, or have to move on from someone," says Prorock, "but in the end it will all work out and you're going to be stronger."

Check out the song, and leave any thoughts in the comments!