Celebrating National Siblings Day: 30 Bands Featuring Brothers And Sisters

April 10 2014, 10:01 AM EDT By Michele Bird

11. the Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids' rhythm section is comprised of Rob and Ryan Pope.

12. Good Charlotte

The Madden brothers Benji and Joel have moved well beyond their GC roots to become household names.

13. H2O

The Morse brothers, Todd and Toby, contribute vocals and guitar to H2O.

14. I See Stars

I See Stars are yet another band that includes a set of brothers: frontman Devin Oliver and drummer Andrew Oliver.


15. Issues

DJ Ty “Scout” and bassist Sky Acord are brothers in both blood and band in Issues. Fun fact: Former members Cory and Ben Ferris were also brothers.


16. Krewella

Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf from one of 2014’s 100 Band You Need To Know, share vocals and songwriting duties in this electro house trio.

17. Merriment

Speaking of Eisley siblings. This duo features the youngest DuPrees, Christie and Collin.

18. Mewithoutyou

Mewithoutyou's Aaron Weiss is joined by his brother Michael on guitar.

19. Meridian

Meridian is frontman Max Stern and his brother Jake on banjo


20. My Chemical Romance

Mikey and Gerard, the brothers Way, comprised half of MCR’s final lineup.