Celebrating National Siblings Day: 30 Bands Featuring Brothers And Sisters

April 10 2014, 10:01 AM EDT By Michele Bird

21. Pantera

Abbott brothers Vinnie Paul and the late Dimebag Darrell co-founded Pantera.


22. Pierce The Veil

This California four-piece includes Vic Fuentes and his younger brother Mike Fuentes on drums. The duo formed PTV in 2007 when their former band, Before Today broke up.


23. Poema

While these two siblings may not look alike at first glance, sisters Elle (vocals/guitar) and Shealeen Louise Puckett (vocals/piano) comprise Poema.


24. Radkey

Considering the last name they share with a certain someone, it’s probably best that these Radke brothers—Dee, Isaiah and Solomon—added a “y” to their band name.


25. The Summer Set

Another set of brothers completes the Summer Set’s five-piece lineup. Coming from Scottsdale, AZ, TSS brings together siblings John Gomez (guitar/piano/vocals) and Stephen Gomez (bass).


26. Tegan And Sara

Tegan And Sara are not only sisters but identical twins.


27. Thirty Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto (lead vocals/guitar/bass/ keyboards) and Shannon Leto (drums) are another brotherly duo that makes up two-thirds of Thirty Seconds To Mars.


28. Straylight Run

When sister/brother co-vocalists Michele and John Nolan harmonize, it’s a thing of beauty.


29. The Swellers

The Swellers includes siblings Nick Diener (guitar/vocals) and Jonathan Diener (drums).


30. Van Halen

C'mon. You know this one. 

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