Punk on parade: 6 times the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade represented our scene

November 26 2015, 12:00 PM EST By Heather Mulgannon

For the past 89 years, Macy's have been holding their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. What orginally started as a small parade put on by Macy's employees has become an award-winning tradition that is flocked to by 3.5 million people a year while 50 million more watch from the warmth of their own homes. While it should come as no suprise that every year the parade promises performances by big name artists like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers, bands from our scene have also been able to get on the lineup time and time again. (This year is no different—Panic! At The Disco already rocked out with some Ninja Turtles.)


2007 - GOOD CHARLOTTE "Dancefloor Anthem"

2009 - BOYS LIKE GIRLS "Two Is Better Than One"


2011 - COBRA STARSHIP "You Make Me Feel"


2013 - THE SUMMER SET "Lightning In A Bottle" 

and FALL OUT BOY "Alone Together"


2014 - THE MADDEN BROTHERS "We Are Done"