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The 11 stages you go through when your favorite band announces a tour

June 13 2016, 3:17 PM EDT By Maggie Dickman

There’s nothing better than finding out that your favorite band is going on tour—especially when they're making a stop in a city near you. Yep, we've been there, too. We've rounded up gifs that basically sum up everything you're feeling until you finally have those tickets in your hands.

You feel that initial excitement

After seeing your favorite band's name and “tour” in the same sentence, you feel your heart beat faster and faster. Your shaky fingers click the link to find out all the information you can.

You see your city on the list

Don’t panic, don’t panic. But they’re coming to your city.

You text your best friend

Because no one quite understands your excitement like your best friend. Plus, you have to make sure you have someone to take in the pit with you.

You anxiously wait for the on-sale date

This basically means you stress out until you are able to say that you have the tickets in your hands.

You nab the tickets

It's a success. You finally have the tickets, and you’re ready to go…

But you're stuck waiting until you can actually see them

Then you realize that you still have to wait for the show to come to your city.

You anxiously wait for the day to get here

It feels like the days are slowly dragging by until you can finally see them. You see their social media updates and think, “Why can’t this be me?”

Until, all of a sudden, it’s here

You never thought the day would come, but it’s finally here. You can’t contain your excitement as you camp out hours before the show to get that coveted barrier spot.

You see the band take the stage

And everything is worth it. The weeks of waiting, the hours braving the elements—the moment is finally here.

You don't know what to look forward to

You're standing outside the venue after the show, and you feel it hit—what’s there to look forward to now?

You wait anxiously for the next tour to be announced

You and your wallet will be ready.