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Interview: If you’re Suppy and you know it, slap yourself: Man Overboard on the Suppy Nation tour

March 07 2013, 3:18 PM EST By Jason Pettigrew

Prior to the release of their new album Heart Attack, Man Overboard are hitting the road on the Suppy Nation Tour with the Story So Far and Tonight Alive beginning tomorrow in Dallas, Texas. Vocalist/bassist Nick Bruzzese and guitarist Wayne Wildrick woke up one cold morning to deal with Jason Pettigrew’s line of questioning regarding the “suppiness” of the universe, records that leak and the band’s continued role as security detail for the world’s pop-punk.

I think I figured out the idea of the Suppy Tour. Is that extreme vocal shorthand for “What’s up, world?”
NICK BRUZZESE: Hey man, you got it.

I would like a cookie and two points on your next record.
BRUZZESE: Well, there you go.I’ve had so many people ask me, “Dude, what the fuck does ‘suppy’ mean?” And I’m like [sarcastic tone], “Suppy.” When you say it like that, people are like, “What the hell?” It’s almost like a Wayne’s World thing.
WAYNE WILDRICK: You spend countless hours together with the same people; you need things that are constantly going to cut the air. We start a tour with a couple words and then by the end of it, it mutates into a whole other language. Somewhere along the line, “suppy” popped into the world. Now it’s a tour.

I was thinking it was some kind of badass rock-dude thing where you drink your Jack Daniel’s and ginger ale through a child’s sippy cup in order to get “supped up,” so to speak.
BRUZZESE: You know, we can think of a word for that…

I’m just going to put that rumor out into the world: Man Overboard drink their liquor through children’s sippy cups because they have unresolved problems with their childhood.
BRUZZESE: Yeah. I totally have mommy issues.

So who got a better price for Steve Klein’s services, Man Overboard or the Story So Far?
WILDRICK: We got him on sale. We waited until the end of the season, which is when we buy all of our winter clothes.
BRUZZESE: We booked Steve on Black Friday, so he was a little cheaper.
WILDRICK: I know the Story So Far’s album took a little bit longer than ours to record, so I can speculate, but who knows at the end of the day?

Speaking of which, are you terrified of Heart Attack leaking? The Story So Far record leaked a month early, Bring Me The Horizon’s new one leaked two months early, so did Phoenix …
BRUZZESE: I know! It’s so wack, isn’t it? We played a show last night and after it was over, we went to a diner. We saw Parker [Cannon, TSSF singer] tweet about it, and I was like, “Oh. My. God. I hope that doesn’t happen to us.” You’ll never know. We ask Justin [Collier, guitarist], the one person in our band who knows everything, we’re looking at him and saying, “Is it gonna leak?” and he’s like, “I don’t know.” You just gotta roll with it, I guess. There’s nothing you can really do. I’m so excited about it, I don’t give a shit if it leaks. I’m just pumped for people to hear it.

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