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On The Road Again: Blood On The Dance Floor on the Fight To Unite Tour

April 25 2012, 6:50 AM EDT By Bryne Yancey

Over the next few weeks Altpress.com will be hosting tour diaries from bands taking part in the Fight To Unite Tour, including William Control, Blood On The Dance Floor and New Years Day. Here's the second chapter from Dahvie Vanity of BOTDF (left). The first entry from William Control can be read here.

BOOM! Doors open and the magic happens. Fans come charging from many different parts of the world and unique places. They come to escape their problems and anything that's holding them back. The youth want one glorious night where they can be free and wild and not have to listen to any rules, or have any limitations of expressing their most inner desires or dress the way people want to be seen. A kingdom free of judgement and a home where they can find acceptance, love, and joy. That is THE FIGHT TO UNITE TOUR: It's an experience. One wild escape every night from reality and into a world of fantasy.

The Fight To Unite Tour has been giving a lot of people a sanctuary of hope to come together in masses to feel alive and know the community power of love.The forces of every band on this tour have been connected as one to really bring the people an experience of joy that will forever fascinate the youth and beyond. I look at this tour as a gift and a blessing. We are very grateful to be a part of this magic and really appreciate the response from the people and just anyone coming out having the best time ever. That is the message we are trying to bring to the world. Love and hope, to rebuild and shape the future of our country and make it a better place for everyone to coexist and be apart of.

One artist I have specifically looked up to and continues to inspire me on a daily basis is William Control. Wil has always been a mentor to me, from his in-depth intelligence to his wonderful wisdom that has really put a lot of things in perspective for me. William Control is an indelible force in music and to be touring with a very passionate artist who I've always been intrigued by since my teenage years is really fucking cool. I love William! He is like a brother to me and a really genuinely sweet guy who will stand up for you and will be honest to you no matter what. We share a very pure and honest friendship.

To anyone with a dream, never lose sight on what you have created in your mind. Continue to visualize it in order for it to materialize and you will get what you have always desired deep inside your heart. This tour was created to unite people regardless of their differences and to bring a community of people who believe in freedom and still have faith for humanity. The beauty of this tour is giving others that reminder that today can be better if we make it better--and how we make it better is through love and creation. Creating has always been a way to remove those negative thoughts and feelings through love. Seeing our fans in every city and sending our appreciation to each and one of them is our goal. Gratitude is the right attitude if you want to make any dream possible in life. You must always give thanks to the people who have supported you. What goes around comes around. Love is unity, hate is division. alt