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“Pause” your life for this new Plain White T’s single (exclusive)

February 20 2015, 10:26 AM EST By Matt Crane

Plain White T’s are teaming up with AP to bring you their new single, “Pause.” The song comes off of the band’s highly anticipated new album, American Nights, which is out March 31. The record serves as the band’s first independent release since 2001. (Pre-order it now.)

“Our new album, American Nights, really focuses on being present and concentrating on what’s happening now instead of what might happen tomorrow,” frontman Tom Higgenson tells AP. “This song, ‘Pause,’ is our lead single and it urges the listener to push pause and live in the moment.”

Elaborating on the album, Higgenson adds, "We had complete freedom. We weren't worried about doing too many acoustic songs or too many rock songs. We just wanted to do the ones that told our story. We wanted to be honest, because that's always been what's connected us the most to our fans."

American Nights:
01. American Nights
02. Pause
03. Never Working
04. Heavy Rotation
05. Stay
06. You Belong
07. Dance Off Time
08. Someday You’re Gonna Love Me
09. Love Again
10. Time To Move On
11. Here Come That Sunrise