Song Premiere: Anti-Flag, “Bring Out Your Dead” (‘20 Years Of Hell’ 7-inch reimagining)

October 04 2013, 5:08 PM EDT By Cassie Whitt

For volume two of their 20 Years Of Hell 7-inch subscription seriesAnti-Flag put a new twist on "Bring Out Your Dead" from 2001's Underground Network. Check out the re-imagined version of the song below and tell us what you think.

For each of the six parts of their 7-inch series, the band pair with a new artist. Hear All Dinosaurs, a band Chris 2 from Anti-Flag describes as having a "sonic kinship to Propaghandi" with riffs ranging from folk to fast and brutal, on the B-side of Volume 2.

20 Years Of Hell, a 7"/digital subscription series, features re-recordings of the most important songs from their history, a digtal membership card that grants exclusive access to downloads and other web features like live video chats and performances by the band, and more. [more information]