Song Premiere: Focused Minds, “Content”

August 15 2013, 1:59 PM EDT By Cassie Whitt

As humans, we have the power to change and affect many things, and often the other creatures with which we coexist are on the receiving end of our power, for better or worse.

In "Content" from Focused Minds' upcoming album, The Fact Remains, out September 17 via 6131 Records, the band explores the concept of human apathy and animal rights.

"'Content' is a song about animal rights. More specifically about how we as humans allow these atrocities to occur out of convenience on our end," vocalist John Taylor explains. "It's about the desire and need for us as compassionate beings to start standing up against the injustice and to give it a voice. As quoted in the song, 'We won't turn a blind eye anymore.'"

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