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Song Premiere: Wolves At The Gate, “Understanding In A Car Crash” (Thursday cover)

September 20 2013, 1:00 PM EDT By Cassie Whitt

For their Back To School covers EP, Wolves At The Gate give fans their own spin on the songs that inspired them, from The Receiving End Of Sirens to Blindside, Thrice and, the highlight of today's premiere, Thursday

Listen below and read what guitarist/vocalist Steve Cobucci had to say about their decision to cover the Thursday classic, "Understanding In A Car Crash:"

"It's always hard to pick favorites, but 'Understanding In A Car Crash' has to be my favorite Thursday song to date. Thursday is a band that [bassist] Ben Summers and I have a mutual appreciation for and were the topic of one of our first conversations when becoming friends.

Having grown up in North Jersey, I was around the scene that Thursday grew up in during their early days. They were one of the bands that inspired me to start playing and writing music. They wrote genuine music and sincere lyrics. The type of honesty found in their music has been lost for a while in the scene and so this song was a perfect for what we wanted to do in this EP, which was to play some songs from our early days growing up that inspired us to do what we do musically.

When we first came up with the idea to cover songs that we grew up listening to and ones that inspired us, it was really exciting but also incredibly intimidating as I felt really insufficient as a musician to even attempt to try to improve upon these already phenomenal songs. Our goal was to stay true to the song as best as possible while taking some artistic liberties while certain aspects. We wanted to record the song significantly faster than the recording because whenever I saw them live they would play the song much faster and it made it even more intense. With this song and with the others, my goal was to also integrate elements of the song that they would do slightly different live. We did this because like most musicians/bands you don't ever stop creating, even with songs you've been playing for years. We wanted to add some screaming to this song while also not taking away from the original beauty of it. All in all it was a joy and pleasure for us to cover a song from a band that has inspired us so much as musicians."

The Back To School digital EP is set for release September 30.  The band will be on the Rise Up Tour with A Skylit Drive, PVRIS and I The Mighty September 20.

Back To School tracklisting: 
1. Deadbolt (originally by Thrice)
2. Understanding In A Car Crash (originally by Thursday)
3. Sleepwalking (originally by Blindside)
4. Planning a Prison Break (originally by The Receiving End of Sirens)