The 15 best screamers in modern metalcore

February 27, 2014 by Matt Crane

The 15 best screamers in modern metalcore

11. Jerry Roush of Glass Cloud

Roush is raw, guttural and untamed.

12. Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire

Matty Mullins’ screaming has a certain flow to it; he breezes through his screams with grace. This model’s built for speed.

13. Ryan Zimmerman of Greeley Estates

Insane asylum-core.

14. Sam Carter of Architects U.K.

Carter has always sounded good, but from what we’ve heard of Architects upcoming album, Lost Forever // Lost Together, the guy just sounds unstoppable with a perfect balance between melody and ferocity.

15. Jamie Hope of I Killed The Prom Queen

Hope takes after the melodic death-metal pioneers of Gothenburg more than most.


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