The 17 most rock ‘n’ roll TV performances you’ll ever see

January 28 2014, 11:43 AM EST By Jason Pettigrew

ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE BEASTIE BOYS: “Radio Radio” on Saturday Night Live

…EC sabotaged the Beasties’ “Sabotage” with a wink and some awesome results.

PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED: “Poptones” and “Careering” on American Bandstand

If show policy is to lip-synch, well, why fight it—or hide it? Shambolic, hilarious and punk-as-hell madness from John Lydon and Co.

THE PLASMATICS: “Masterplan” on The Tomorrow Show

Wendy O. Williams’ (RIP) terrorist skills and guitar lunatic Richie Stotts’ mania fired up audiences who were actually looking to go to sleep to some late-night TV.

THE SPECIALS: “Too Much Too Young” on Saturday Night Live

The U.K.’s greatest ska band throws it down, ends it just as fast and chaotic and walks offstage like a buncha fuggin’ bosses>>>