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The Devil Wears Prada unveil cover art for live CD/DVD set, gears up for Rockstar Mayhem festival

May 18 2012, 10:50 AM EDT By Jason Pettigrew

Was there anything you wanted to do in the DVD that didn’t happen for one reason or another? Claymation renderings of the band? A storyline based on Battle Royale?
[Laughs.] Whenever we put out a record, within a matter of weeks, I’ll have ideas as to what we’re doing next and what I want to do better—that’s just the whole Devil-Wears-Prada notion of non-complacency. I wish we could do 10 DVDs with hours and hours of bonus footage. But there are these things called “budgets.” [Laughs.] Obviously, we could make the next Avatar for our next DVD, but then the budget thing kicks in again. But now that we have experience doing a live DVD, next time around, maybe we’ll be doing super-raw shows where there will be a couple digital single lens reflex cameras mounted around the room and raw audio—take it or leave it. I saw the Tegan And Sara documentary and it is soooo good. I love the way it’s shot and the whole aesthetic to it. By the time the next DVD plans come around, I’ll have a bullet list of things I’d like to work into the end result.

What’s the next step in the evolution of Prada?
You know, I have something I’m working on now that I haven’t talked about yet that I’m not going to talk about now… [Laughs.]

Thanks, dude.
I apologize. It’s something on my plate that’s not a DVD or a reissue or anything like that, but it’s something I’ve been working on for a while. It’s not the next record, but something we’ll reveal as a very casual side note. Chris has already begun demoing new songs; from what I’ve heard, it sounds extremely technical. It feels like Dead Throne was released last month; but it wasn’t, so soon it’s going to be about for us to sit down in a room together and start working on songs. But I want to knock out the whole world on Dead Throne, touring-wise first.

And you’re doing the Mayhem Festival this summer. Anyone you’re stoked to share a stage with?
Oh, yeah—like practically everyone. I’ve listened to Slayer since I was a little kid and I’ve never seen them live. I will be watching from side-stage during “Reign In Blood.” We’ve all been Slipknot fans since we’ve been in middle school. Some of our best friends in the world play in Whitechapel: It’s going to be awesome to sit around with them and goof off all day. We haven’t played shows with As I Lay Dying in a while. In short, yes, I am stoked for Mayhem.

Of all the bands playing Mayhem this year, which ones can the members of Prada beat playing badminton?
Badminton? [Long pause.] I have an answer to that, but I realized I’m not allowed to say it…

Really? Did your manager tell you, “Look, AP is going to ask you about bands playing Mayhem and playing badminton. Don’t answer any questions about badminton, understood?”
[Laughs.] I’m sorry. The reason why I can’t answer that is that there’s a band that’s yet to be announced for Mayhem. I was about to answer that we could beat them at badminton. But largely, I think everyone [on Mayhem] can beat us at badminton. I’m really short and there are some burly dudes I bet who can play the sport quite well. alt