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Track-By-Track: Amber Pacific

April 06 2010, 7:05 PM EDT By Tim Karan

WILL NUTTER [guitar/keyboard] tells the stories behind each song on AMBER PACIFIC’s Virtues.

PHOTO: Nicole Jordan

An Anthem For The Young At Heart
This song has every intent to make you feel like rolling down the windows on a hot summer’s day, blasting the hell out of it. The lyrical message here is about being young and not having a care in the world.

The Girl Who Destroys
I had co-written this song with [producer] Xandy Barry. Before we started, we brainstormed where we could take it, and we both agreed that most every guy on this planet has come across a girl who has completely destroyed him. We took that idea and ran with it.

Three Words
This song was written by [frontman] Jesse Cottam about the struggles of being away from home. Relationships are never easy, but when you’re away from the person you love, it’s just that much harder. This song discusses those feelings.

I wrote this song for anyone out there who thinks he or she isn’t good enough for the world’s standards--whether it be looks, personality or just fitting in. The message is simple. It’s about inner beauty and letting it shine.

What Matters Most
This song coincides with “Shine” in the sense that you can’t let what others think hold you back from being yourself. This song has one of my favorite lines on the whole album: “This is every reason why I live my life like I do.”

This song is about fighting for what you believe in and fighting for your life in a life full of uncertainties. It’s about fate and not letting it control you.

The Good Life
Everyone has goals and dreams of where they see themselves five or 10 years from now. This song is about my dream of having a house in the hills as a successful musician, having someone to share that with and enjoying everything life has to offer when you’ve become successful.

The Best Mistake
I initially wrote this song about a personal relationship of mine that recently ended. The song was [originally] nasty and mean, and I didn’t feel comfortable putting that out there for everyone to hear, so I made a few changes. I think the message is the same but it’s a little more discreet.

We Can’t Fake This
Again, another song that had many different faces not just lyrically, but musically, as well. This song has a similar message to “Three Words” in that relationships aren’t easy when you’re away from the person you love. In this case, it’s discussing how the person involved didn’t pay attention to his loved one and lost her in doing so.

Burdens Of The Past
This is a song written about being lost and finding your way. We all change as people throughout the years. Sometimes those changes aren’t for the best or they’re not where we want to be. This is about finding your way out of those situations.

Something To Be Said
At some point, I think everyone has been misled one way or another. This song is about being in love, feeling like you’re with the only person who understands you, but unfortunately the feelings aren’t mutual. It’s realizing that sometimes letting go of the people you love is best for the situation.

This song means so much to me. While we were recording during the end of January, I lost my grandfather. Anytime something like that happens, it’s extremely easy to put your thoughts and feelings into the form of a song. I hope this song will be something everyone can relate to--not just me. alt