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Track By Track: Lemuria

January 11 2011, 7:00 AM EST By Tim Karan

ALEX KERNS of LEMURIA tells the stories behind each song on the band’s new album, Pebbles, which was released today on Bridge Nine. (Photo: Ryan Russell)

This song is about a person I have to accept into my life, but I also have to watch them ravage other people’s lives—a self-proclaimed nihilist. The song focuses on who this person will be and where they will stand as time passes. Everybody ages, and as you age, your appearance becomes more irrelevant. If that's all you have going for you, good luck with that.

Wise People
Bernard Baruch was a political consultant who influenced a lot of speeches for historical figures. This song was inspired by some of his writings that were designed to make people feel empowered. But when I thought about how to apply them in my life, I felt very small. The irritation that I felt from reading this was inflamed and distorted by some of the other songs on the album. I used Baruch as a scapegoat for the overflow resentment that I couldn't fit in the other tunes on the album. Sorry, Bernard.

You can't please everybody, and if you try to, you'll just end up pissing more people off. If you please everybody, you're a phony.

Yellowstone Lady
I wrote this song for my partner. I was traveling on tour through random areas of Montana and the Dakotas and wondering what it would be like to alter my life completely and move from the city to some random town that is not bolded on the map. Would we be happy there? Would she accept me if I wanted to live that life?  

I upset myself every time I rubberneck [while driving]. People like to see how lucky they are by looking at other people’s misfortunes. I think everybody does it. I always feel guilty about it.

This is another song I wrote about my partner. It's about how she has much more faith in other people than I do. She has a heart of gold. Sometimes I feel like I'm corrupting her. I bring in some elementary music theory in the song as an analogy for how I'm tarnishing her good nature. I'm a very lucky person to have her in my life.

Different Girls
This song is about the relationship dynamic between two people who have to be apart from each other for long periods of time and the fictional scenarios we create in our heads about what our partners are doing when we aren't around.

This is a song about growing up fast, being exposed to sexual situations before really understanding sex and the uncontrollable anger you feel toward the person responsible.

This is the rehashed topic of “the grass is always greener.” But we’re focusing more on the fact that eventually there isn't any green grass left. I could always do a little better—until it's too late to have anything good. That pretty much sums up the song!

Chautauqua County
Chautauqua is the county in Western New York where I grew up. There are guardians in my life I’ve spent a lot of time trying to impress and make proud. This is a song dedicated to them.

The One
Sheena [Ozzella, vocals/guitar] wrote the lyrics to this song. She could explain herself some other time in a different interview! alt